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Potential Absence - Family life stuff

Journal Entry: Mon May 22, 2017, 2:02 PM

So I'm on the cusp of potentially needing to go on a week or more hiatus from work.  My sister is pregnant and due any day (I'm getting another niece, so excited!!) and things in her life have decided this is a good time to fall apart.  One of her cats, Sakura, is severely ill with what is very likely to be lung cancer.  Her dog, Charlotte, has been acting out pretty bad because she's picking up on the stress in the household.  Our mom, who was going to take care of my niece April while my sister is in labor, has a severe cold with a fever.  So she might not be able to help at all unless she kicks this cold FAST. My brother may be able to help some, but he's responsible for the care of his very disabled girlfriend, so he can't help as much.

That leaves me!  I have a bag packed and my car has a full tank; I'm ready to leap to action when needed.  With Sakura sick and our mom possibly out of the running, it adds some extra elements of worry that we didn't have before.  I may need to be away from work for a while to help my sister in this really stressful scary time.  If all goes well, I will only be away from work a couple days though, we'll see.

For now I'm scrambling to get as much work done as possible so my absence from work doesn't impact my queue progress as much.  I'm still hammering at that traditional commission, and need to get some work for Patreon done before the month ends, as well as finish many digital pieces and send a couple Etsy orders.  I appreciate everyone on my queue having patience, I'm workin' on it all!  <3

I post less often on journals these days, but I'm pretty active on Twitter.  It's probably the best place to up current updates from me.

Switching to Picarto

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 13, 2017, 5:23 PM

I’m going to be trying Picarto for a while here instead of Tigerdile.  I’ve been considering moving to Picarto for various reasons for a while, none of which are due to any fault by the wonderful Tigerdile team.  I love that site, and they’ve treated me so very well in the 17 time I’ve been there.  However, my viewers have been having troubles viewing the stream on Tigerdile for a while now, due to Tigerdile using Flash (which seems to be in the process of being phased out).  That was the final push I needed to give Picarto a shot!

 I’m not going to be on today I don’t think, I’m catching up with non-painting business stuff I let slide last week.  Plus I need to vacuum really bad and cook these brussel sprouts before they go bad...  But I hope to stream a bunch this week over on my new Picarto channel!  <3

Move Successful!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 14, 2017, 9:49 AM

I made it to my new place!  The move was, as moving is, exhausting and back breaking.  My feet only just stopped their constant throbbing as of this morning.  Thankfully my dad helped us pay for professional movers, so the bulk of the work was done before lunch time.  I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was, with too much loose stuff we had to take care of ourselves. But all went well, and now we're here! Loaf is adjusting surprisingly well too, and pleased to have some places to sun bathe finally. Our old apartment was so dark and got very little direct light.

Most of our belongings are in boxes still, but the important stuff is set up.  I have my office set up enough to be able to get back to painting!  However our internet service here is really horrid.  Roomies and I are working on upgrading, but it'll take some time.  Until then I can paint, but I can't stream.

That said, I'm going to hold off on working on Patreon art until we can get faster internet worked out.  Should be soon enough, but we have to get our new modem and all that jazz first.   I spent the first few days just unpacking and organizing, and I'm really eager to get back to work.  So until we can get better internet here, I plan on working on commissions while I listen to podcasts.  I'll still be unpacking and organizing, but it's time to fit some work in there too.

That's all for now, hope to be able to stream soon!

Commissions to open soon

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 3, 2016, 11:40 AM

Heya folks, it's that time again! I just finished up a chunk of full illustrations, and I'm ready to open for more commissions. On Saturday November 5th, I'll be opening for a limited number of slots at 10am Mountain Time! During that day it's likely I'll be away from my computer, so I will sort through emails and confirm commission slots on a first come first serve basis that evening or the next day.

If you're curious what to expect, see this commission opening post from last month -…

I'm going to be getting pretty busy this month outside of work. If everything goes as planned, I'll be moving in a few weeks! I'm busting my butt to get as much art done as possible before that begins, but I'll definitely be playing catch-up in the coming months too.

whew Off to paint more! :D

Commissions open today!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 16, 2016, 5:56 AM

I'm opening up for commissions today at 6pm Mountain Time!  I'll upload a notice to my gallery.  Please hold your emails until you see said notice, so that it's fair for everyone who emails.  :)

Sorry for the brief notice here, I've been painting all night and I'm about ready to crash.  Been having some pretty terrible sleep lately, so here's hoping I can catch enough sleep.

Getting on track!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 8, 2016, 12:10 PM

I've wrapped up this recent round of erotic commissions as promised, and raised a fair bit of money for Preston's new computer!  :D  A lot of it had to go to living expenses, but I squirreled away a fair chunk, and a friend is helping is put together a good build so that Preston can continue making youtube videos finally.  It's gonna be a while before he can get it/use it, since we have to finalize the build and order it and everything, but thanks to all of you we made it!!!  He's so happy, it was a really nice thing for him to hang on to emotionally while recovering from his surgery.

As for his recovery, he's finally feeling a lot better.  He still has intermittent kidney pain, which thankfully is knocked out easily by a lower dose of his prescription pain meds as needed.  Before he was on a really high dose, it was honestly pretty scary.  I've been able to return to normal life, as he's independent again (being in constant excruciating pain and drugged up to the max kinda makes you dependent).  We did eventually find out his high pain level was from unusual kidney swelling after the stent removal, but don't really know why.  So he's just staying medicated and super hydrated, and we're waiting it out.  I'm angry that his symptoms were not taken seriously until we reached out to a patient advocate still, but the important thing is that he's gonna be ok with time.  <3

I'm getting back to normal life, which right now involves a LOT of catch up.  I have a single character commission to bust out this coming week, then I'm going to be focusing hardcore on Patreon material for the rest of the week.  I've got some WOLFY COMIC (stories of my childhood dog) stuff to do via Patreon, and a Halloween or Autumn themed illustration!  Patreon work has been slow, and I want to dial it up this month and put some extra effort in.  So I might be working a weekend day or two to push it.

In addition, there's TONS of commissions for me to do.  I don't feel comfortable opening up for new commissions for a few weeks at least, and I feel myself letting the list accumulate more than I'm comfortable with...  Only cure for that is hard work though, so expect many streams! 

Medical Woes

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 29, 2016, 7:08 PM

I need to get back in the habit of making updates here on DA, I'm sorry for being MIA for so long!  I'm usually just plodding along, working, and don't feel like it would be worth updating for small stuff.  I'm active on twitter for some of that after all!  But lately, my little household has encountered some struggles.  So I thought I'd make an update here.

My boyfriend of 12 years, Preston, is going through a lot of health problems right now, some are fixable immediately and some are going to take a lot of work. On the 23rd he had surgery surgery to remove a kidney stone, which was one of the more immediate issues. But he’s also been disabled for a few years dealing with chronic pain stemming from a fractured back. We’ve only recently gotten access to the right kind of physical therapist, and other potential treatments, so he’s working on it thankfully! But the years of inactivity have taken it’s toll on his overall health, so there is a lot more going on than pain.

During this trying time, I’ve encouraged him to be creative as a coping mechanism. A year ago he started a youtube channel where his goal was to review free to play games without investing any money into that game, to see how enjoyable they are as TRULY free to play. You can find his channel here - However, his PC went kablooie many months ago, and he was left without a computer at all for a long time. A dear friend purchased us a medium quality laptop to tide him over, and with it he’s been able to do some things! But it can’t run the software he needs to make videos, or play most of the games he owns.

With the poor state he's in, I wanted to do something really good for him. I want to finally buy him the gaming/video making PC he’s always wanted.  I've opened for a special run of adult themed commissions over on my FurAffinity page, something I very rarely do.  So if you're interested, go there to check that out -…

Recovery seemed to be on track until he had his stent removed on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, he's had a pretty sharp increase in pain in his effected kidney instead. The urologist/surgeon hasn't been taking his pain seriously, and I've encountered problems following up on this to make sure he's ok, and getting further treatment. Long story short, we now have a patient advocate working with us to make sure he isn't ignored any more, and gets the care he needs.

This has been extraordinarily stressful as you can imagine. I am struggling to control my anxiety every day. Preston is on a pretty high dose of percocet to control the pain, which is very scary. I haven't really had a lot of time for work, so I'm sorry for even more delays everyone.

I'm really hoping now that we're working with an advocate, we can get to the bottom of this and get Preston back on track to recovery.

Commissions and Sale Event!

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 25, 2016, 12:31 PM

So it's that time, monthly commissions are going to open soon!  Monday at noon mountain time, I will open for commissions.  Keep an eye out for that opening.  Info on commission can be found in my previous opening announcement - Commissions CLOSED

I am also going to be hosting an online event very soon here, with the effort to raise money for a new work computer!  I'll have a coupon for my Etsy print store, stream doodle requests for contributors, and hopefully have a great time!  :D  My computer hasn't been adequate for a long time... It effects the speed of which I can physically paint, causing incremental but piling up delays.  It's MORE than past time for me to get a fully functional work machine, and I wanted to run a fun event to give something in return for folks who want to contribute!

I'm recovering from a cold right now, and working on some Patreon related things this weekend.  Much more art to come, but first...?  BACON.  <3

Commissions Open Tomorrow!

Journal Entry: Thu May 26, 2016, 10:15 AM

Heya folks, it's that time again!  Gonna open for commissions again tomorrow (Friday May 27th) at noon Mountain Time.  I post a notification in my GALLERY not a journal, so keep an eye out there.  I will not be open for full illustrations again this time.  Full body paintings, detailed bust portraits, icons, and speedpaints will be available.

Sorry for the delay in organizing a print sale as mentioned last month.  I will be setting that up this coming weekend, after I upload a few new pieces that will be available for print. 

In the meantime, I'm still chugging along, finishing up lots of commissions!  Gonna be streaming said commissions later today after I get a bit of organizing done.   :D

Commissions to open soon!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 18, 2016, 2:40 PM

It's been a couple months since I've updated my journal, been pretty wrapped up in work.  I've been settled into a really good work schedule now that spring is here.  Longer days and some recent happy changes in my life have really done a lot to banish winter blues, which leaves me a lot more productive!  I've been streaming on a regular basis again (yay!) and for a few weeks now have been taking in-stream icon commissions as warm ups before I work on bigger commissions.  I usually mention it in my stream notification if I'm going to do an icon that day though, as a heads up.

I am going to be opening for commissions again this week!  I have a backlog of finished commissions to post, and am on the cusp of finishing a HUGE illustration, so it's time.  On Friday April 22nd, I'll be opening for full body pieces, full refined bust portraits, icons, and speedpaints!  No full illustrations this time again, but I will do my best to make room for one or two sometime soon.  If it's something your interested in, email me anyway!  I can always give quotes.  :D

I have also been considering hosting a print sale again soon, been ruminating on it for a few months actually...  Back in February for my birthday, I attempted to rally enough cash to get a new work computer, but fell short by a lot.  I'm hoping a print drive/sale will help me replace my aging desktop, so I don't keep running into limitations with my work.  Plus, I have an amazing HUGE new(ish) tablet that won't work with this current computer, and I'd really like to be able to switch from my old Intuos 3 to that.

That's all for now, keep an eye out in my GALLERY (not my journal) for Friday's commission opening!


Journal Entry: Fri Dec 11, 2015, 7:45 AM

Winter so far has been pretty wonderful!  I'm still working on digging myself out of the hole from the trip to Montana, but things are moving along steadily.  As some of you saw, I opened for commissions for the first time in many months, and got some really fun ones to work on.  December is one of my busiest and hardest months of the year, with the holidays pressing into my work schedule and budgets.  That's why I'm also hosting a HUGE print sale on Etsy, cheapest prices I'll have all year.

Massive Winter Print Sale by KatieHofgard

And today found out that a recent piece of mine had been awarded a Daily Deviation too, wow!  That feels so nice, thank you guys so much.  :heart:

Winter's Gift by KatieHofgard

I'll keep on working hard on new art, I have a lot of stuff that I've finished and can't post just yet.  I'm also working on Christmas presents, and a lot of other stuff.  I'm excited to reveal some of the things I've been working on in the new year!

Digging out of a big hole...

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 20, 2015, 7:57 PM

Coming back from Montana has not resulted in a lot of rest for me.  I've hit the ground running trying to catch up with home life and work.  The trip depleted me in every facet possible; emotionally, physically, financially...  I'm not afraid to admit, I'm not doing well.  My family has been very supportive, which is a really amazing blessing.  I am starting to draw again, albeit very slowly.  With so much to catch up on, I ask that everyone please be patient with me while I work through this heavy heavy to-do list.

If you are waiting on art from me and have any questions, please email me at wolfnymph at gmail dot com.  I'm home now, so I can actually respond!

Back From RainFurrest!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 30, 2015, 12:20 PM

My first time at RainFurrest went well overall!  I roomed with my friends Vantid, Xyk, and Wintersoul, who were excellent roomies (YOU GUYS GON GET PRESENTS), saw old friends from afar and made some wonderful new friends!  I was even greeted by GIFTS at this con, wow!  I got some delicious zingy herbal loose leaf tea from Draphilius, an ENORMOUS tea gift pack from Syng Stripetail (oolongs, puerhs, tea mints, and ancient coins, wow!), and a gorgeous full color badge from Zardis! I feel so loved, thank you all so much. <3

The four day con was actually much more relaxing than I expected.  Instead of feeling like I had more work to do with the extra day of dealing, I was afforded extra time to complete commissions at the con.  This helped me get enough sleep at the con and go at a relaxed pace with badges and sketchbook work.  I even had time to go to the dance one night, it was so much fun!  I also very nearly SOLD OUT of prints!  This is pretty amazing to me actually, I thought I was bringing too many.  I want to thank each and every person who has bought a print from me recently.  Because of you, I don't have to loose sleep at conventions, doing dozens of commissions to try to break even.  This makes a tremendous impact on my well being.  So, shout-out to those who essentially are making it easier for me to take good care of myself at conventions with your purchase!  <3

There were a few down-sides to my trip, including the fact that I caught the con crud.  I haven't been sick in many years, I forgot how much it sucks, lol!  But the real awful thing about this is that it could jeopardize Preston's opportunity to see his grandfather before he passes away...  Our trip to Montana is in just a week, and if either of us is sick we won't be able to see him (he is immune-compromised from his illness).  Right now it's pretty mild, and I'm doing my best not to give the crud to Preston.  Maybe we can both work through it before we go and not be contagious by the time we get there. Let this be a MAJOR lesson to those of you who are sick (and know it) at cons!  Having a cold is more than just feeling cruddy for a while for some people!  If you are knowingly in public and sick (making contact with others), you are risking people whose bodies are immune compromised!  I know that being sick at a con is sad, because you miss out on all the fun by sequestering yourself.  However you risk the health of others in a big way by ignoring that simple courtesy; stay away from others when you're sick!  I could have picked this up anywhere, but I did come in contact with a few people who told me they were sick AFTER giving hugs, shaking hands, or otherwise coming into contact with them.  Not cool.

I want to end on a good note here, so I'll say this about the food in Seattle; Good god damn, you guys have some tasty foods!  I got to eat at 13 coins and Mango Thai, had some of the best food I've had in a long while.  I am really hoping I can come back in 2016 as a dealer, so I can see all you wonderful people again and eat at 13 coins for breakfast every day.  XD  

I'm going to rest up for a few days and hope this con crud blows over quickly.  You might not see much of me for a while as a result.  Hope you all are well!

Commissions Opening Tomorrow!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 26, 2015, 7:12 PM

I have some last minute space available in my queue!  I’m going to be open for full body pieces and portraits, but no full illustrations this time. 
Keep a eye out here TOMORROW for that opening.  Feel free to email me ahead of time for a quote, but please wait till you see the opening announcement before trying to claim a slot!

Price guide -…

Terms of service -

Last day for July Etsy sale!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 16, 2015, 1:02 PM

Today is the last day for my July Etsy sale!  Get 10% off when you check out by using coupon code SUMMERHEAT.

I'm hoping to use the money from these sales to buy more ink, so I can stock up for upcoming RMFC, a convention in my home state of Colorado.  Looking forward to showing off my new table display there.  =)


Journal Entry: Mon Jul 6, 2015, 3:41 PM

My boyfriend and I have decided to renew our lease at our current apartment, despite the increase in rent.  I'm actually really relieved, because searching for a place to live was taking a TON of time away from work and stressing me out to the max.  What ultimately led to this decision was our inability to find a place that we'd at least me mildly comfortable living in, in the time allotted.  A lot of the places within our price range were complete dumps.  One place I feel bad for saying no to, because even though it was a really crappy place the neighbors were all so wonderful and friendly.  A lot of the places that were in our price range and NOT crappy didn't allow pets, and I have a cat I refuse to give up under any circumstances EVER.  And any places that were the perfect balance got taken before we could even go out to see the property.  It was a mad rushing race that we never won.

We also know that despite the raise in rent, we are getting a pretty damn good deal for our unit.  It goes for $100-$200/month more to new tenants, and we're getting it for significantly less as long term residents.  Not only that, but the newer management company is really stellar!  Our lease was actually a pleasure to sign it had so many good things in it.  I can tell I'm going to be happy for the next 15 months, even if money is going to be super tight.

The fun part of staying here for another 15 months is going to be getting ready to find another place in a little over a year!  We're compiling a list of rental communities that are more affordable, allow pets, and aren't shit-holes  We'll have a list all ready, and start making calls months before our lease ends.  Understanding that rent will go up everywhere in that time of course, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  We are also going to do a deep clean of our apartment, and get rid of much accumulated stuff.  Being here for 6 years shows, as we've set in our roots pretty tightly.  I love doing deep cleaning, I always feel so satisfied, light, and happy afterwards.  

But for now, I need to get back to work in a big way.  My life has had FAR too many disruptions, and I haven't had as many works days as I'd like. I feel like I've been living in a fog where only the very next minute matters.  I'm looking forward to getting back into regularly scheduled work days.

Changes to come:  I will be creating a Patreon soon!  Absolutely non of the art I would normally post in my gallery will be behind a paywall, rest assured.  Patreon is instead going to be the place to get extra art related goodies.  I'm compiling a list of rewards and things to offer, and will likely be weaving in TeaFeathers content as well.  

I am also going to give Picarto a try! I currently use Tigerdile, which is still my absolute favorite streaming site.  And even though it's very cheap to pay for, I am looking to cut expenses everywhere I can.  My Tigerdile account will stay active, and if I decide Picarto isn't for me I'll switch right back.  Tigerdile will always have top ratings from me!  <3

There may be other art related changes as I settle into paying this new higher rent, but I'm not sure what the future will bring just yet.  Thanks everyone for sticking by me, now BACK TO THE ART!  (and the tea)

Tendonitis, Moving(???)

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 22, 2015, 5:28 PM

Sorry I haven't been online much lately everyone, and not streaming much at all.  I have been combating a flare up of tendonitis in my drawing arm and taking it easy to allow it to heal.  I slept on it funny one night and woke up in a lot of pain, but I'm feeling better now!  And don't worry, I take good care of it by icing, taking adequate breaks (as evidenced by my lack of streaming/working), and I do stretches and exercises.  It just sometimes flares up like this, I'm ok.  <3

My boyfriend and I are still looking for a place to rent that is not a piece of junk, but also not ultra far away from family and friends.  We are running into a lot of roadblocks...  Many places that don't allow pets (giving up Loaf is NOT an option), places that never call us back, someone gets to the rental before us, et cetera. We don't have much time before we have to give our 30 day notice to our current place, so if I can't find someone before July 1st I'll just have to renew here to be safe.  I am going to be looking for non-commission ways to fill that income gap if that does happen, like finally relenting to Patreon perhaps.  Here was my past spiel about Patreon plans, for the curious -…  I currently have a RedBubble account, and an Etsy page where I sell my prints and those might help some if they picked up!

Etsy -
Redbubble -…

Anyway, we'll see how that turns out... We're still hunting, I have a few days left!  I'm working my way up to a stream session or two this week too, don't want to overstress the arm.  Hopefully soon!

Name Change!?

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 12, 2015, 10:47 PM

So, I just changed my username here on DA!  When DA came out with the name change system, I deeply lamented that I could not change this account to 'Eskiworks', the name I've been trying to go by online for some time now.  Because I created the 'Eskiworks' account and it was already in use, it was not available to me in this way.  I've been on DA for over a decade, and I wasn't ready to move accounts fully.  So I stuck with 'Shadow-Wolf' for a while longer.

After talking to some of my peers and gaining some feedback, I decided to go ahead and change this account to my real name!  My name is on every piece I've uploaded for years anyway, I'm certainly not one for anonymity in that regard.  And the name 'Shadow-Wolf' has long lost it's meaning for me.  Not to mention there are a lot of you fellow 'Shadow Wolves' out there, and I've been confused for other 'Shadow Wolves' plenty of times.

Just thought I'd make this journal so that anyone who is curious has a little info on my reasoning.  Hope you are all well!  =)

How to contact me

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 20, 2015, 7:53 AM

Hello DA, this journal is just for you!  I have noticed recently a lot of people trying to get in touch about commissions or other art related things by commenting on a piece of art or a journal that is unrelated.  Unfortunately the comments section is really not the best place for me to do business; no email contact, details difficult to look up and refer back to, and no privacy for our communications.  If you want a commission quote or have questions about commissions PLEASE EMAIL ME HERE:  Wolfnymph at gmail dot com

There is also a lot of information available on my profile, such as prices and policies, FAQ, terms of service, and other places I am active online.  Many questions can be answered by poking around my profile and doing a very small amount of reading!   =)

All Done!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 28, 2015, 9:48 AM

The last round of watercolor commissions has been completed!  I have a few more I need to upload, which I'll post tomorrow.  I won't be taking any more for a while, as it's time for me to get back to digital painting again.  I will be doing some smaller digital things to get used to working in Photoshop again, then it's full swing back into the usual schedule.  I wish it hadn't taken me this long to adjust to my new glasses, but I'm glad I was able to make use of some of the down time for some traditional art.

In the future, there will be some changes to watercolor commissions.  These ones were pretty cheap to be able to sell them quickly and retain full creative freedom, but future watercolor commissions will likely have a raised price to more closely match my digital hourly rate.  *nods*  Additionally, I'm going to have to discontinue the smallest size, the 2" X 3" pieces.  I found that they take just as long as the 3" X 4" pieces, but there's less room for me to work with.  So it's better to just go with the 3" X 4" from now on!  I hope to also have some bigger sizes available, for folks who want something really extensive.

Thanks to these two rounds, I got a nice handle on some new techniques and had lots of fun!  I'll be wrapping these up and shipping them out soon, along with print orders.  (sorry for the wait print customers!)  I will still be closed for digital commissions for some time to come, as I do some catching up on my queue.  :)