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Fern Fox by KatieHofgard Fern Fox by KatieHofgard
Wow, a semi-personal piece of art from me! =D This past weekend was my birthday weekend, so I thought I'd work on fun art instead of commissions or schoolwork. I have two illustrations due thursday, so maybe it wasn't a good idea... But I don't care!

This painting is for the art show at All Fur Fun, a convention in Washington that I've been invited to as the guest of honor. =3 This is a random fun interpretation of one of their mascots, Fern the fox. P.S. Here's the website for the convention with all the info: [link]

This is all acrylics, and since I never really got into fully acrylic pieces, this is all unfamiliar-ish for me. I love the medium, and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on it, but I think I can do better in the future as far as my process goes. Perhaps to make painting faster and more efficient.

Lotsa stuff wrong with this I'm sure... no light direction, complete lack of background, and the placement of the fern/spiral symbol bugs me. HOWEVER! I don't care, I'm not fiddling with it anymore. It was fun, and now it's done!

copyright to Katie Hofgard
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February 12, 2007
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